Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Robbie's Term Report

Hello my name is Robbie...

and I have been very busy!

Before the colder weather arrives, we try to get outside as much as possible for sessions.

Lead coach, Sam Orde, shows riders where to steer their ponies
We have an outdoor arena which allows us to ride in a bigger space... 
Volunteers help children to use their reins
and there is a lot going on around the centre to keep children interested too.  

Children often receive rosettes for their riding achievements at the end of term.

Group Chairman, Malcolm Haigh, allows riders to choose the colour of their rosettes...
and receives a high five while handing them out!

During half term, we held a competition for RDA Dressage and Showjumping and I enjoyed being involved in both of them!

Robbie, rider and leader, prepare to start their dressage test

Robbie steps over a pole in RDA Level 1 Showjumping
Gilly also does Dressage and Showjumping with our smaller riders.
Our youngest RDA rider, Connor, shows he can steer Gilly in a dressage test
RDA volunteers Chloe and Kirsten help their rider in RDA Level 1 Showjumping
And they all won rosettes!

 Connor, wears a smart jacket to display his rosette on
Happy Oliver, with proud mum, was placed second in his class 

In other news, Chico has been helping Magic with hoist training...

RDA Coach, Sophie, introduces Magic to the hoist

and with great success too!

Magic is very relaxed as Sophie sits in the hoist next to him 
I am not hoist trained...

Lesley, a vet from Alnorthumbria, demonstrates how to check a pony's back

but was used in another training session with Lesley Barwise-Munro from 

Lesley looking over Robbie's hind legs

And after a full check over...

Lesley shows how to do a flexion test on Robbie's near hind leg

I was back in the indoor arena with Sam Orde for a RDA Showjumping demonstration...

Sam Orde explains the forward jumping position during a training day for other RDA Groups

and doing what I love best...

Sophie demonstrates the correct jumping position on Robbie


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